March 25: Carol Gates, Port Stanley Business Association

April 9, Laura Gallagher will speak on living with a child with autism.

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White Privilege February, 2020

The following is a summarized reflection on white privilege by Beth Baskin, Program Coordinator, Social Analysis and Congregational Engagement, the United Church of Canada.

“White Privilege is the norm that allows me to go through my day without really having to think about what I do or say. The system work pretty well for me. This is a problem.

The Problem is that I (and lots of others) can go through life ignoring racism and the resulting oppression and exclusion. I will be a poorer person for the lack of diversity and understanding in my life an faith, but really, unless I go out of my way to be in relationships with those who the systems exclude, I can live in my White bubble. This choice will give me occasional pangs of sadness for the oppressed but have no real consequences for my day-to-day living.

We must find real, tangible ways to change our church to honour and incorporate ways of being, knowing, and deciding that are not the dominant church norm.”

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